Atta ladoo (Wheat Flour Sweet) is healthy and easy to cook ladoo Sweets (Desserts) . North Indians preferred this sweets for Pregnant woman . After their baby delivery to make them strong as they need to feed their New Born Baby . This sweat laddoo is good for calcium,iron and other important vitamins .

Ingredients :

  1. Wheat Flour – 1/2 KG
  2.  Jaggery(Gur) – 1/2 KG
  3. Desi Ghee -1 cup
  4. Cashews – 8
  5. Badam (Ground Nuts) – 12
  6. Pista (Pistachio) – 10 optional
  7. Khuskhus – 1/2 cup
  8. Almonds- 8
  9. Makhane (Euryale ferox or Fox Nut) optional -10
  10. Turmeric -1/2 tsp
  11. Gond -1 tsp optional

Method :

Heat a tablespoon of ghee in a heavy bottomed pan .  Fry the cashews, badams, pista, almonds, makhane and Turmeric until golden brown color. Take them out of the ghee and set aside.In the same pan, add the remaining ghee. Add the wheat flour and stir. Keep on stirring and continue to roast for 6 – 8 minutes on a low flame, till a nice aroma comes out of it . Add the Jaggery (gur) and roasted nuts to the roasted wheat flour mixture Combine well. Take a little amount of the mixture and roll into a round shape ball.Keep the ladoos aside so they will firm up round and nice . Store sweets in an airtight container.