Khajuraho – A History

Khajuraho is a global tourist destination . These Hindu Temples build in 10th and 11th century & situated in between Panna and Chattarpur (North Madhya Pradesh) city are world famous tourist place . From the beginning of history to the ninth century when Chandela Empire was rising this area was part of a particular state not an independent state . It was part of Vatsa Empire in 4th century . Epics mentioned Chitrakoot and kalinjar as a part of the Vatsa empire which were the loving place for Indian Monk & Yogis for their worship .peoples believed that Lord Shiva did his Austerity in kalinjar.Architecture and sculpture had begun to grow from 200 BC in mughal Empires ** . First Architecture and sculpture started at Jhumra , Khoh nachna & Devgad since 200 BC in Period of Gupta Empire* .At the end of Gupta Empire a new powerful empire started growing in india as “Chandela Empire” in 10th century . Architecture and sculpture came to their completeness Under chandela empire . At the time of the Chandela kings Indian culture, arts, crafts and literature was full development .Chandela ruled this area from 10th century to 12th century . In their rule they had many poets and artists.Chandela kings were much interested to build Forts ,lakes ,palaces and temples . [nggallery id=3] The borders of Chandela Empire : 1. Tonnce River in East 2. Betwa River in West 3. Yamuna River in North 4. The Vindhya Range *** in South Old Stories says the main gate of Khajuraho was decorated with two Gold Khajur trees (Date palm Tree) and it famous as khajuraho . "Khajur pura" name is written in Prithviraj Raso# .Seems this area was full of Khajur trees .   Read More About Khajuraho Group of Monuments - MP .   *The Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire, founded by Maharaja Sri Gupta, which existed from approximately 320 to 550 CE and covered much of the Indian Subcontinent. **India's Mughal Empire ruled the subcontinent from 1526 to the beginning of the British Raj in 1858. ***The Vindhya Range (Sanskrit: विन्‍ध्य) is a range of older rounded mountains and hills in the west-central Indian subcontinent, which geographically separates the Indian subcontinent into northern India (the Indo-Gangetic plain) and Southern India. #The Prithviraj Raso or Prithvirajaraso, is an epic poem composed by court poet, Chand Bardai, on the life of Prithviraj III, a Chauhan king who ruled Ajmer and Delhi between 1165 and 1192. src: Wiki