Lai ka ladoo , Murmura Ladoo or Murir Moa (Puffed Rice Balls)

Lai ka ladoo or Murmura Ladoo (Puffed Rice Balls)

Murmura or lai ladoo made with puffed rice and melted jaggery.It is also called Murir Moa in Bengali. This is one of the special sweets which we prepare during festive seasons like Makar Sankranti,Holi etc. Kids love it and it looks very simple and easy to make.
  Preparation Time - 5 to 10 min Cooking Time - 25 to 30 min Serving - 4
  • Puffed rice (murmura /laai) -1 cup
  • Jaggrey (gur) - 2 cup
  • Water - 1 tablespoon
Method :
  • First we will roast the puffed rice to remove the moisture from it.
  • Turn the stove on medium flame and add the puffed rice to the pan. keep stirring.
  • Roast it, til it turn into little brown (Note : Little color change)
  • Now put the puffed rice in a separate bowl.
  • Place jaggery and water in a pan, and dissolve the jaggery over low heat.
  • When  jaggery dissolves.
  • Now turn off the flame .
  • Now add malted jaggery on puffed rice.
  • Keep stirring on the so that Puffed Rice & jaggery will mixed.
  • Wait for 5 minutes for Puffed Rice & jaggery mixture to little cool.
  • Apply water to your hands (Because mixture is hot and it may hurt and it will be easy to manage the hot mixture), pick up the Puffed Rice & jaggery mixture, tightly press it to bring Puffed Rice & jaggery together to make a ball shape.
  • Puffed rice ladoos are now ready to served.
Note :
  • Make sure you stir continuously while malting the jaggery  and it should be on low flame. Otherwise jaggery will burn and colored to black
  • Make sure the jaggery is of good quality and there is no dirt in it.
  • Don't roast Puffed Rice much just little color change
  • Hot Jaggery's temperature is high (Melting Point is high), Be careful about it .

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